This tape was created for the 'STREET TEASE' online magazine. You'll be put into the dark little corners of ANDY STOTT cave, after some strolling you'll come out the other side to where your eyes are filled with sunshine.

All in all this is a tape that is meant to be started while on the subway and to finish with a sunset… preferably commence the tape on a Monday whilst in rush hour.'

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//INTRO…/SliP - Autechre/ Everything goes my way - Metronomy/Hollywood Suns - Barry Adamson/Zodiac Shit - Flying Lotus/Battle for Asgard ft. Life & C Rayz Walz - Cannibal Ox/Tormentas - Ombre/Veterano - Harmonia/Smoke & Mirrors - Tokimonsta/Know Where - Holy Other/NUMB - Andy stott/In The Dark Of The Night - Michoacan/Holiday In Congo - Rainbow Arabia/Since I Left You - The Avalanches//


'This is the first collaboration project, of the new tape selection.

This tape introduces Tambour Major, who has chosen to bring together the sounds of a choirs, dripping water and a few other oddities, a challenge to say the least. But nonetheless has become something to be enjoyed by the ears.

Best listened to while nightfalls… .'

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//Rock Water Wind - Carter Burwell/Hymn Eola Acapella - Ton startssbandht/Jeans - Quadron/Bone Is Bloodstone - LA Vampires Zola Jesus/Sleazy Dreams - The Band in Heaven/Swinging Party - Kindness/Soft Skin - Cosmetics/Night Air - Night Air/Helicial Scan - Slant Azymuth (Demdike Stare & Andy Votel)/Mickey Mouse - Wavves/Eola - Eola/Experiment In Terror - Henry Mancini/Only The Truly Lost - Bukowski/Ooh Up - Martin Creed//