'This little mix is one for the beaches and fields. Bring together some of the dreaminess of Connan Mockasin, the beach loving La Femme and the warm summer sun of Nico. Enjoy this mix whatever the weather is wherever you are..'

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//When The Alarm Clock Rings-Blossom Toes//It's Choade My Dear-Connan Mockasin//Shark Ridden Waters-Gruff Rhys+Andy Votel//Golden Earring-Rader Love//Sur la Planche-La Femme//Scarlet Fields-The Horrors//Mabelle-Ruth//Teri-A Certain Ratio//Its Kinda Funny-Josef K//These Days-Nico//She Brings-The Rain-Ruth//Silver Trees-Asura//Sun-Caribou//My Name Is Trouble-Keren Ann//Love Comes Close-Cold Cave//New Age-Spirit Spine//


'Here is a mix of lip crunching, foot stomping in the dark while doing some Ian Curtis shoulder grinding tracks. Plus with a health does of music that was created around heightened times of frustration (if there was never a moment) anyway… although the dates are not given I am sure you can feel the times through their sounds..'

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//Original Nothing People-The Beatin 'Path'/DO or DIY-DO or DIY with People Like Us/Hiroshima-Alexander V. Borsig (Hacke)/Oh Yeah-Can/Yang Yang-Anika/Reflections in a Flat-Half Man Half Biscuit/That's When It's Worth It-The Au Pairs/Play For Today-The Cure/Somewhere-The Dramatics/007-Desmond Dekker/The Sad Skinhead-Faust/Dinosaur Sex-Family Fodder/Lost Innocence-Buddahs/The Revolution will not be televised-Gil Scott Heron/Empty Bottles Of Water-People Under The Stairs/Blue Little-1032/The Night I Killed Tommy-Bukowski/Heartbreaker-Dionne Warwick/Township Funk-DJ Mujava/Revival-Deerhunter/Black United Front-Malcolm X/Baja Un Palmar-Pio-Leyva/Bukowsi Says Goodbye-Bukowski//


'Grammar of Life is a little collection of tracks that was presented to friends after the birth of their child this year (2011). We tried to present what we think makes up the different ideas around the subjects of love, sex, fathers and all those slippery subjects are when it comes to living and making life. With some added tracks that give us the feeling of what a journey through life is with all of its punctuation.'

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//At Last Single Version-Etta James//Cascade-Tycho//Talamak (Toro y Moi Cover)-Houses// Starter Culture-Lucky Dragons//My Father-Bukowski//The Mating Game-The Monochrome Set//Bukowsi Says Goodbye Bukowski//Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)?-The Buzzcocks//Tongue Tied-Erase Errata//Screams in the Ears-Bill Fay//One-Harry Nilsson//Stay With Me-Lorraine Ellison//A Change Is Gonna Come-Sam Cooke//Grammer Of Life-Bukowski//


'Clouds has no big or meaningful story here, just good old fashion selection of music, and name is just what most people do when they want to see something beautiful; look up into the sky.But its worth a mentioning about the ‘Mount Kimbie’ in this mix because I have to say it is a fantastic track and makes want to stagger into a dark club at 3am. Enjoy…'

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//Bel Air-Can//I Feel Free-Cream//Redondo-Beach Patti Smith//Subterranean Homesick Blues-Bob Dylan//Falling And Laughing-Orange Juice//We're So Cool-The Au Pairs//Davy Crockett-Thee Headcoats//Who Do You Love?-Bo Diddly//DARK DAY(Demo)-Chromatics//Mots-Ruth//Fresh (demo)-Egyptian hip hop//Carbonated-Mount Kimbie//Lotus Flower-Radiohead//Spanish Sahara-Foals//Into the Garden-Artery//Persona-Superhumanoids//Just Like Heaven-The Cure//Treason-The Teardrop Explodes//


'Another little compilation for two friends, which was promised along time ago so I decided to, slap some tracks together without preselecting and it came out not that bad. So enjoy…'

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//Clockwork Orange-Wendy Carlos//Fly-JK & Co.//Echo Beach-Martha & The Muffins//Mind Your Own Business-Delta 5//All About You (Single Version)-Scars//You can't always get what you want-The Rolling Stones//I Wanna Be Adored-The Stone Roses// Interview-Joy Division//I Am the Fly-Wire//Love & A Molotov Cocktail-The Flys//BONUS//